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The collective STUDIO EAST is founded by gillian east together with three other artists/designers from cologne who met at KISD, starting their studies in the same year.


"Throughout our studies at KISD as well as in other schools abroad, we started discovering and focussing on very divers areas. Still working together in various projects, we realized how enriching and inspiring it can be to merge disciplines, perspectives and approaches. This is why we founded STUDIO EAST - a space and platform wherein design and art meet and merge, perspectives are reformulated and subjects between disciplines are explored collaborativly."



/ gillian


illustration and editorial design, currently exploring skin as another medium

RISD Rhode Island 2017/2018


/ louisa


cinematography and a deep fascination for the colour blue

ENSCI Paris 2017/2018


/ franziska


light, sound and other materials without matter, currently researching language and communication between beings of not the same kind questioning the uniqueness of the human species

ENSCI Paris 2017/18

KONSTFACK Stockholm 2018/19


/ jana


researching senses, questioning how we experience our surrounding

GSA Glasgow 2017/2018

KONSTFACK Stockholm 2018/19



Please feel welcome to use our contact form to share thougts, if you wish to collaborate or make inquiries or bookings.


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